Properly designed and installed energy efficient lighting systems often produce the highest return on investment (ROI) among the choices for energy efficiency upgrades on commercial buildings.  ETS designs lighting solutions for our clients that maximize financial and environmental performance.  At ETS, both lighting and financial design criteria are considered instead of promoting simple one-for-one replacement of the existing systems.  Through the use of variables such as intended use of the space, day lighting and load-shedding potential, dimming capacity, color considerations, initial cost, maintenance costs, and all available utility and tax based incentive programs.  Because of this careful analysis and experience, ongoing energy costs are always part of the design and our clients do not leave potential utility bill savings on the table.

ETS is an independent solutions provider that does not represent specific brands or technologies.  We specify from the universe of available LED, T-5, and T-8 lighting options in order to provide the very best choices for building performance, maximized cost savings and return on investment.

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