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A passive or net zero home is simply a building that employs the latest technologies to achieve extreme energy efficiency.  Energy consumption is reduced by 90% or more compared to conventional homes.

And these efficiency gains aren't due to some weird geo-domes or domestic cubicles, this futuristic ETS home will be elegant, comfortable living space with beauty that can rival that of any other custom luxury home.

ETS is committed to transforming the way you live.  While other builders in Central Florida are still using old building practices and building to bare minimum code simply to save a few dollars.  We build High-Performance homes with smart technologies features, we offer our client's innovation, affordability, quality, and sustainability.  We can meet the LEED Rating System, Energy Star or NAHB Green Building guidelines,  including: passive solar orientation, energy efficient envelope, water efficiency, renewable materials, better indoor air quality, use of less toxic materials, and locally obtained materials.

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